We are a fast-growing Filipino company, which aims to provide opportunities for enhanced life, improved health and stable future for all qualified individuals. We invite individuals who are industrious, ambitious and aggressive enough to join GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. by accepting our concept of direct and personalized selling techniques while enjoying the benefits of individualized incentive schemes.

GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. is the result of years of strategic planning for best marketing concepts, coupled with technical researches and the assistance of consultants from the US, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Clinical sampling and surveys were also done in order to come up with Vitamins, Supplemental and Nutritional products that would bring effective results to good health and bring profitable returns at the soonest time possible.

GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. is committed to bring more researched products in our pipeline for us to achieve our vision for every Filipino and other families to enjoy excellent and abundant life.

GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. promises to maintain the highest quality of our products; as we assure our Business Partners that all products have passed the stringent Quality Tests on Purity and Potency by a CGMP compliant Quality Assurance Department.

GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. has contracted the manufacturing expertise of an ISO 9001/2000 toll manufacturer to repack imported raw materials from France and Switzerland. Our toll manufacturer has been ISO certified for the past 10 years, and has been a BFAD compliant for its Current Good Manufacturing Practice for the past 17 years now.

GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. is working to expand its business not only in the Philippines, but also in Thailand and Indonesia. We have plans of growing our direct selling and networking business wings to other countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Laos and Singapore in the next two years.

We are GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc.
and we profess that
every ambitious individual could have the golden touch;
every industrious person could fulfill a golden mission;
and every health conscious human being could prolong his life to his golden years.

Together, let us believe and trust that we could promote wellness to everyone by encouraging them to practice prevention through our quality and affordable products, and to enjoy the abundant life that is reserved for the healthy and happy human being.











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